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Online Poetry Clinic: Workshop and Feedback Rounds

There are no rules in poetry, which means dialogue with other poets and discussion of your drafts is vital to developing your own sense of poetic form and style. In this course, you’ll learn to draft poems while forming a community with other poets working in a range of different ways, under the expert guidance of Elena Gomez. After a day-long workshop on drafting, you’ll submit poems and receive feedback each month.


  • When: Workshop held on Sunday 25 February, 10am-4pm; Submission deadlines for poems of up to 80 lines due Tuesdays 9 April, 14 May, 11 June
  • Where: Online
  • With: Elena Gomez

About the Tutor

Photo of Elena Gomez
A photo of Elena Gomez.

Elena Gomez is a poet and editor living on unceded Wurundjeri country. She is the author of Admit the Joyous Passion of Revolt and Body of Work. She has facilitated workshops for Express Media and Queensland Poetry Festival and is a PhD candidate in Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne.

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