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There are many ways that Writers Victoria members can communicate with the organisation and each other, and many ways that we communicate with you. These include:



Our website is bursting with information and resources, ideas and inspiration, news and events. Our new website will include a Members’ Only section with an opt-in list of WV Members to allow you to find and communicate with each other online.


Our Newsletter and The Victorian Writer magazine

Looking for writers with similar interests? Want to start a writing group in your area? Keen to celebrate a milestone or promote your new book? Writers Victoria members can post up to three free classifieds in our newsletter or magazine over a 12-month period. You can find out more about Member Listings on this website.


Annual Member Survey

Writers Victoria’s annual program is developed in response to the needs of more than 3,100 members from across the State. What do you want? What do you love? What do you think could be improved? Our annual Member Survey is a great way to have your say. The survey takes place in June or July each year. The results are published on our website and are used as part of our Strategic Planning process and to plan the next year’s workshop program.


Member Meet-Ups, Forums and Networking Events

From time to time we run Member Meet-Ups, Forums and networking events. These take place at our home at The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne, in regional venues or online via social media. By joining in these events you can get involved with the organisation, put forward your suggestions, and chat with fellow members, members of your Committee of Management and staff.


Social Media

Writers Victoria has a large and active social media community. Our accounts are full of news and information, and a great way to keep up with what’s happening, ask advice from your writing community or get involved with events you can’t attend in person.

Find us on the following platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


Evaluation Forms

We value your feedback, so we use the evaluation forms you fill out at our events to improve our programs based on your experience. So tell us if a workshop wasn’t what you expected and we’ll try to fix it for next time. Or let us know if you love a tutor and we’ll try to bring them back for a longer session.


Ideas are Free

Ideas from our members are always welcome. Fill out an Ideas are Free form at our office or one of our events, or drop us a line with your suggestion. We put them all into our ideas bank so we’re ready whenever a suitable opportunity may arise.


Email, phone, post or in person

Writers Victoria responds to more than 19,000 inquiries every year. Phew! So if you can’t find what you need online, we would love to hear from you via email, phone, post or in person. You can find our contact details in the magazine or on the Contact Us page of this website.

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