Creating a Scene

A portrait of Lee Kofman, a person with pale skin and long, maroon hair. She is sitting in front of a bookshelf

A portrait of Lee Kofman
27 March 2022 - 10:00 to 4:00 PM
Lee Kofman
Every compelling – fictional or nonfictional – story is built around a conflict, which creates drama. Scenes are the building blocks of this drama. It is there that the tension is continuously built (and sometimes, at least temporarily, is resolved). But what are the building blocks of a scene? And what is a strong scene? What are the best ways to approach descriptions of action? We’ll tackle these questions and more, and practice building scenes through discussions and practical exercises.

You will Learn:

  • the classic plot structure

  • The role of scenes in storytelling

  • How to maintain tension in scenes

  • Tips about how to begin and end scenes

  • How to express emotional truth in a scene

About Lee Kofman

Lee Kofman is the author of five books, including Imperfect (2019, Affirm Press), which was shortlisted for Nib Literary Award 2019, and The Dangerous Bride (2014, MUP); editor of Split (Ventura, 2019), which was longlisted for ABIA Awards 2020, and co-editor of Rebellious Daughters (Ventura, 2016). Her short works have been widely published and her blog was a finalist for Best Australian Blogs 2014. Her book The Writer Laid Bare will be out in 2022.


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