ONLINE WORKSHOP: Understanding Story Structure

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A portrait of Laurel Cohn, a woman with medium peach skin, dark curly hair, and dark eyes. She is smiling and lightly back-lit

A portrait of Laurel Cohn
24 July 2021 - 10:00 to 4:00 PM
Laurel Cohn
Early, Emerging
A story is like a creature. It can have a multitude of limbs and unusual features, but it needs to be able to stand on its own and deliver its creator's intent. Laurel introduces tools and strategies to check that your story has the key elements required to carry a compelling story. Visual strategies are introduced to help you understand what the current structure of your draft is and how to strengthen it.

This workshop will take place online. Detailed instructions for participation will be provided.

Please note this workshop is for writers who have a substantial piece of writing completed or underway. Please bring along your work-in-progress to the workshop.

You Will Learn: 

  • Story structure principles that have stood the test of time
  •  How to identify your story’s vital organs: theme, major dramatic question and central event
  • The value of chapter and scene outlines and how to do them
  • Visual strategies to understand the structure of your current draft
  • Strategies on how to strengthen the structure of your current draft

About Laurel Cohn

Laurel Cohn is a book editor passionate about communication and the power of stories in our lives. As a developmental editor, assessor and writing coach she has been helping writers prepare their work for publication for over three decades. She is a regular workshop presenter for Writers Victoria, Writing NSW, Queensland Writers Centre and Byron Writers Festival. She has a PhD in Literary and Cultural Studies.

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