Poetry and Performance: Writing for the Stage and the Page

A portrait of wāni le Frère
07 August 2021 - 10:00 to 4:00 PM
wāni le Frère
Writing poetry for performance and poetry for the page require two separate skill sets, but they aren’t as far apart as you might think. In this workshop, participants will learn the differences, strengths and challenges of both performing poetry and writing poetry for the page, and determine which model works best for each piece.

First, learn the physical language of performance poetry, how to embody a written piece through movement, pace, volume, and tone. Second, look at how to identify a poetry that works best on the page, or translate a performance piece into a written format, keeping a sense of energy and vibrancy to the words. This workshop will move you from draft to final piece, regardless of how it will be shared with the world.

You Will Learn:

  • the difference between poetry for performance and poetry for the page

  • how to identify the characteristics in a piece and determine the best format

  • how to perform your poetry

  • how to structure a poem for the page

  • confidence and poise for performance


Bring Along:

  • You are encouraged to bring either an idea or a piece you’ve been working on.

About wāni le Frère

wāni is an Afro Indigenous storyteller with vast knowledges in the discipline from performance and storytelling through to poetry. He is an award-winning performer and writer at both the local and national level. wani is a 2018 Greenroom award winner, as well as the 2019 Australian slam poetry champion.

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