All Writing is Re-Writing: How to Revise Your Work

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A portrait of Lee Kofman
14 March 2021 - 10:00 to 4:00 PM
Lee Kofman
This workshop is based on the premise that writers don’t write – they re-write, and the first draft is only the very start of creating a new work. We’ll do a series of practical exercises to help deepen our work – to get closer to its heart. We’ll look at different styles of revision to see what suits each student. We’ll learn some basic tricks for successful self-editing and also how to best handle feedback from others.

You will learn:

  • Strategies to deepen your work

  • About different revision elements

  • How to identify your unique revision style

  • Strategies to manage the revision process in stages

  • Strategies to see our material with fresher eyes

For this course it is an essential requirement that participants will have some works-in-progress – be they short or long, fiction or nonfiction. Please bring along works and the tools you need for revising (laptops or hard copies and pens). You should also identify in advance some scenes or chapters or other sections you feel are most in need of revision.

About Lee Kofman

Lee Kofman is the author of five books, including Imperfect (2019, Affirm Press), which was shortlisted for Nib Literary Award 2019, and The Dangerous Bride (2014, MUP); and editor of Split (2019), which was longlisted for ABIA Awards 2020, and co-editor of Rebellious Daughters (2016) – anthologies of memoir by prominent Australian authors via Ventura Press. Her short works have been published in Australia and overseas. Her blog was a finalist for Best Australian Blogs 2014.

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