Characters in Conflict: The Core of Your Story

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A portrait of Cate Kennedy
13 February 2021 - 10:00 to 4:00 PM
Cate Kennedy
We hate it in real life, but in realistic narrative fiction which involves characters we care about, it’s a necessity. In this workshop, Cate Kennedy will help writers explore how to take characters not where they want to go, but where they need to go: into the vortex of conflict. The workshop will focus on how a story’s shape is structured around a central conflict, and how external and internal conflict interact in a story to create a satisfying sense of unity and momentum. Cate will particularly focus on writing effective dialogue to embody interpersonal conflict between characters and the crafting techniques which help you maximise compelling and potent tension in your work.

You will Learn:

  • An understanding of how a story's structural integrity is built around a character in conflict;
  • The usefulness of studying and integrating the "three arenas" of conflict in fiction, and an entertaining, inclusive approach to integrating 'dark' thematic material into storylines; 
  • Some keys and prompts to creating fiction which is naturalistic, plausible and compelling
  • Utilising interior conflict as a narrative driver to flesh out and develop characterisation

About Cate Kennedy

Cate Kennedy has taught extensively in story structure and craft and has conducted many workshops exploring the elements that make up good fiction, with students at all levels of practice. She currently has a collection of short stories on the Victorian Year 12 syllabus and is a member of the faculty of Pacific University’s low residency Masters in Creative Writing program in Portland, Oregon.

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