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18 March 2019 - 6:00 to 7:30 PM
Jennifer Tutty
As a creator of literary (written) works, it is important to understand what is protected by copyright, who owns copyright in the work you are creating, and how to stop others from using your copyright. Join Studio Legal Principal, Jennifer Tutty, as she explains how copyright protection laws in Australia work and what you should know.

This is an online webinar and the content will be recorded. Participants who register who are not able to attend on the day will have access to the recording after the event. 

You will learn

  • What types of works are/are not protected by copyright
  • If you can protect an idea or concept
  • Who owns copyright and how to transfer ownership
  • Who owns copyright if you are a contractor/freelancer or employee
  • Enforcing your intellectual property rights if they are being infringed

This webinar will be recorded. If you cannot join the webcast on the night, purchasing a ticket will give you access to the recording.

About Jennifer Tutty

Jennifer Tutty is an experienced lawyer practising in the areas of entertainment, intellectual property and commercial law. Her practice, Studio Legal, is located on Chapel St in Windsor and services a variety of creatively driven businesses and individuals, including artists, musicians, writers, designers and creative agencies (to name a few).
Jennifer has been practising for nearly 15 years, and was named by Doyle’s Guide as a leading copyright and intellectual property lawyer in Victoria in 2017.

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