Poetry as Presence (Poetry Masterclass with Australian Poetry)

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Claire Gaskin

Claire Gaskin
22 January 2019 - 10:00 to 4:00 PM
Claire Gaskin
If language is the house of being, poetry is the home. Poetry does not describe, it holds its breath to listen, to enable, to activate relationship. This workshop will encourage interaction and discussion. Bring in a poem or a line of poetry you do not understand but that attracts or intrigues you it some way. We will use this as a starting point to discuss the unknown as potential for the new, free from encoding. The workshop will include examples of evocative, associative and allusive use of language. Come and be inspired and motivated with some writing exercises and readings in a friendly and supportive environment. We will discuss process, how to keep a creative life alive and crafting and drafting.

You will learn

  • How to read a poem
  • Writing process
  • Poetry appreciation
  • Poetic technique
  • Poetic devices

About Claire Gaskin

Claire Gaskin has been publishing poetry and teaching writing since the 1980’s. Her collection 'a bud' completed in the receipt of a Literature Board grant, was published by John Leonard Press in 2006 and shortlisted in the SA Literature Awards. Her collection 'Paperweight' was published by John Hunter Publishers in 2013.

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