Experimental Writing

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Dave Drayton

Dave Drayton
19 January 2019 - 10:00 to 4:00 PM
Dave Drayton
This workshop will explore the ways rules are present in all our writing, and how a better understanding of these rules allows us to bend them, break them, or create our own with which to replace them. Offering a brief overview of constrained and experimental writing, participants in the workshop will be guided through a number of experimental techniques that can help to combat writers block or find a new perspective on a piece. Suitable for writers of poetry, fiction or non-fiction – anyone who wants to push their craft in unexpected directions.

Please note: This workshop will be Auslan interpreted

You will learn

  • Harsh laws can craft a paragraph as art that’s rampant, sharp, warm.
  • The best sentences emerge when we set precedents, select letters – scheme.
  • Inhibiting, strict writing is fixing things, inspiring ink-rich scribbles.
  • Workshop how to control words for good books, or poor books, too.
  • Thus, shun such glum pulp; stunts usurp dumbstruck schmucks, pumps up lungs.

About Dave Drayton

Dave Drayton was an amateur banjo player, founding member of the Atterton Academy, Kanganoulipian, and the author of 'E, UIO, A: a feghoot' (Container), 'A pet per ably-faced kid' (Stale Objects dePress), 'P(oe)Ms' (Rabbit), 'Haiturograms' (Stale Objects dePress) and 'Poetic Pentagons' (Spacecraft Press). He received a PhD from the University of Technology, Sydney.

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