Writers on Wednesdays: Funemployed - Living with Yourself as a Writer

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A portrait of Justin Heazlewood

Justin Heazlewood, credit Elise Derwin
26 July 2017 - 6:00 to 7:30 PM
Justin Heazlewood
Emerging, Established
There’s more to writing than word counts and dollars. How does one handle rejection, self-doubt, anxiety, jealousy and the other internal wrestling matches and not turn creepy?

What are the mental health hazards of pursing a high-risk and fanciful career? Look at the fun, emotional side of being an artist, investigate self-care and success while celebrating the unique protagonist of yourself. Make your creative journey one of kindness, respect and sustainability. (WARNING: May contain mindfulness).  

You will learn

  • how to define boundaries and routine in your workplace
  • how to cope with obscurity
  • whatever mindfulness is
  • self-care for narcissists and other people
  • understanding fear (and Goodreads ratings)

About Justin Heazlewood

Justin Heazlewood is an award-winning writer, musician, performer and arts activist. As The Bedroom Philosopher he has released three albums including the ARIA-nominated ‘Songs From The 86 Tram’, the video for ‘Northcote (So Hungover)’ earning nearly half a million hits. In 2014 he released his first non-fiction book ‘Funemployed’, about being an artist in Australia. In 2015 an 8-part series was commissioned for RN. He ‘lives’ in Melbourne.

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