Writers on Wednesdays: Making a Book

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Portrait of Donna Ward

Donna Ward
31 May 2017 - 6:00 to 7:30 PM
Donna Ward
Follow the creation of a book from the moment the author is signed to the book launch. Discover the people involved: the editor, the proof reader, the book designer, the typesetter, the printer broker, the distributor, the bookseller, the publicist.


Learn about the editing and proofing process, book design, getting it to the printers, sales and marketing campaigns, warehousing, distribution and publicity.

You will learn

  • the relationship between author and editor and proof reader
  • the art of book design, the author’s involvement in the look and title of the book
  • the role of sales, marketing and distribution teams
  • what a production editor does
  • what a publicity campaign consists of, publisher expectations of author, author’s role in the campaign

This workshop develops employment-related skills.

About Donna Ward

Donna Ward is the founding managing editor of ‘indigo’, the journal of Western Australian creative writing, previous editor of ‘Sotto Magazine’, and publisher at ‘Inkerman & Blunt’. She has past lives as a psychotherapist and in community and welfare management. She is author of many research reports and her prose has been published in ‘Southerly’, ‘Island Magazine’, ‘Ext2012’ and ‘Fish Anthology’ (Ireland).

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