Writers on Wednesdays: Writing for YouTube

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A portrait of Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks
29 March 2017 - 6:00 to 7:30 PM
Michael Shanks
In film and TV, it’s tricky to get people to invest in your ideas. But you don't need a lot of resources to create a great finished product. One of the most enjoyable ways to realise your writer/director aspirations is to make something yourself, by creating your own web series.

Join Michael Shanks, whose hit series Wizards of Aus received more than one million hits on YouTube before being picked up by SBS, to find out all the tips and tricks of writing for the web.

What are the practical skills you need to write and direct a webisode (and how do you get them)? Can your idea really become an internet sensation, and a potential route to writing for television? Find out the answers to these, and a host of other questions in this short workshop.

You will learn

•    how a writing/directing career can transition from the web to broadcast TV
•    the challenges of moving from short form to long form, from guerrilla productions to slightly-less-guerrilla productions
•    the practical skills you need to become a one-person web series machine
•    Post-production on a budget, or how Michael filmed 36 weeks of visual effects on The Wizards of Aus while living in his mum's basement

This workshop develops employment-related skills.

This workshop is Auslan Interpreted.

About Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks curates the popular YouTube channel Timtimfed which features a variety of high concept film and comedy content, and has over 35,000,000 online hits. A multi-faceted filmmaker, he is an award-winning writer, director, musician & visual effects artist. Most recently, he created the SBS2 series The Wizards of Aus which he also directed, co-wrote, acted in, composed and VFX’d for.

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