Summer School: DIY Podcast

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A portrait of Kelly Gardiner

Kelly Gardiner
22 January 2017 - 10:00 to 4:00 PM
Kelly Gardiner
Learn how to share the love through podcasts, the hugely popular medium which is changing the way we engage with words.

Hear about the purposes of podcasts, learn how to plan and program a series of episodes and how to write a script. Tackle some practical questions about recording, editing and delivering your podcast to listeners anywhere in the world.

You will learn

  • what podcasts are and why they are popular with writers and readers
  • how to create a plan for your podcast
  • how to script a podcast or prepare an interview
  • key concepts in producing audio
  • about basic recording equipment and processes

This workshop develops employment-related skills.

About Kelly Gardiner

Kelly Gardiner’s novels include ‘Act of Faith’ and ‘The Sultan’s Eyes’, both of which were shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards, and ‘Goddess’. Her next book, ‘1917’, is out in February. Kelly teaches creative writing at La Trobe University and her work has appeared in publications including ‘The New York Times’, ‘Marie Claire’ and ‘New Idea’. She is the co-host of ‘Unladylike’, a podcast on women and writing.

On this website, you can also read our interview with Kelly about research, social media and self-discipline.

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