Online Seminar: Lunchtime Bite: Finding Your Inner Poet

A portrait of Lou, a person with dark peach skin, blonde hair with a fringe and brown eyes. They are leaning on a harp

A portrait of Lou Garcia-Dolnik
27 January 2022 - 12:00 to 1:00 PM
Lou Garcia-Dolnik
This Lunchtime Bite is dedicated to all things poems, poetry and verse. Whether you’re terrified of line breaks and experimentation or looking for ways to reinvigorate your practice, we’ll be thinking through poetry as a space of experimentation, constraint and possibility, where ‘failure’ can be the starting point for something new. The session will cap with a 15-20 minute Q&A where all questions, anxieties and curiosities are most welcome!

This workshop will take place online. Detailed instructions for participation will be provided.


You will Learn: 

  • How poetry is distinctly different to prose forms

  • How thinking about poetry as the breakdown or refusal of strict prose can be a source of inspiration for your work

  • How compression of form, grammar and syntax can produce concentrated emotions in your reader

  • How experimentation and working towards ‘failure’ can be the starting point for your best work

  • How to approach editing (solo, in a workshop setting or with an editor) as an opportunity to grow your craft


About Lou Garcia-Dolnik

Lou Garcia-Dolnik is a poet and editor working on unceded Gadigal land. Their writing has been awarded Second Prize in Overland's Judith Wright Poetry Prize, an Academy of American Poets University Prize from the University of Texas at Austin, and has been shortlisted in the Blake Poetry Prize, the Arts Queensland Val Vallis Award and the LIMINAL and Pantera Press Nonfiction Prize.



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