ONLINE WORKSHOP: Rhythm and Rhyme: Writing Picture Books in Verse

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A portrait of Nicki Greenberg, a woman with light peach skin and purple hair. She is posing with an animated bat on her shoulder

A portrait of Nicki Greenberg
10 October 2021 - 10:00 to 4:00 PM
Nicki Greenberg
A great bit of rhyme is a magical thing. But a clumsy one sets readers’ – and publishers’ – teeth on edge. This course is all about crafting quality stories in verse, with a special focus on writing picture books. We’ll explore useful techniques, tips and tricks, as well as the pitfalls to avoid when working in this ever-popular narrative form.

This workshop will take place online. Detailed instructions for participation will be provided.

You will learn:

  • An overview of picture book format, length, structure and content
  • Fundamentals and variations of rhythm and rhyme
  • What to aim for and what to avoid when writing in verse
  • Useful tools and techniques for crafting rhyming verse
  • Presenting and pitching your manuscript

Bring along: Plenty of paper and pencils, eraser. Loose sheets of paper (rather than notebooks) are preferable, though you may want to bring a notebook as well.

About Nicki Greenberg

Nicki Greenberg is an award-winning author and illustrator of more than thirty picture books, works of fiction and graphic novels. Her most recent books are The Detective’s Guide to Ocean Travel, a rollicking mystery set on a golden age ocean liner, and I’m Fabulous Crab!, an exuberant picture book written in verse. Nicki loves surprise twists, nailing a great rhyme, and flinging ink about. Her favourite tools are Rötring propelling pencils, Photoshop and Post-It notes.

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