ONLINE WORKSHOP: The Story of Your Life: How to Build Your Memoir

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A portrait of Anna Spargo-Ryan, a woman with pale skin, brown hair, and blue eyes. Across the picture is a banner that reads' Booked Out'

A portrait of Anna Spargo-Ryan
18 July 2021 - 10:00 to 4:00 PM
Anna Spargo-Ryan
Real life rarely happens in neat linear ways. Writing it down can be harder than it seems. This course will help you find the story thread and turn it into a compelling, beautiful narrative. You’ll learn about memoir and essay structures, shapes and rhythms, how to blend experience and research, and how to take your work to market. Through discussion and workshopping, students will interrogate the art of narrative nonfiction and learn how to invigorate their own writing.

This session will take place online, via Writers Victoria’s online platform.

You will learn:

  • The tenets of narrative nonfiction writing
  • Narrative distance and life writing
  • How to think about making a structure out of a life
  • Approaching trauma writing
  • How to bring your work to an audience 

Please bring 1000 words of your own writing for exercises.

About Anna Spargo-Ryan

Anna Spargo-Ryan is the author of two novels,  The Gulf and The Paper House.  She was the inaugural winner of the Horne Prize and is the nonfiction editor of ISLAND Magazine. Her new book, a blended memoir about complex mental illness, is forthcoming from Pan Macmillan.

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