Cops and Robbers

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Jarad Henry

Jarad Henry
03 August 2019 - 10:00 to 4:00 PM
Jarad Henry
Ever wanted to write a crime novel or short story? Chances are you’ll have at least one detective wandering your pages. But how do you get the procedure right? What about dialogue? Do we call them perps or crooks? You don’t want an Aussie detective to sound like a character off the set of Law and Order, do you? And what about the crime scene? Who strings up the plastic tape, who calls in homicide and the coroner? In this interactive workshop you’ll learn to the ins and outs of real life police drama, as well as how to walk, talk and investigate like an Aussie detective. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to apply this to your characters, giving your stories the essential ingredient of every great crime writer; verisimilitude.

You will learn:

  • The importance of verisimilitude and how to apply to your writing.
  • New vernacular and dialogue.
  • How much forensic detail to use and when enough is enough.
  • New applications of the K-I-S-S approach.
  • How to plot out a 3-act structure


About Jarad Henry

 Jarad Henry has worked in justice system for 20 years and regularly speaks at crime conferences and seminars across Australia. As an author, Jarad has built a popular local profile and worked with international best sellers such as Michael Connolly, Jeffery Deaver, Christopher G Moore, Ian Rankin, Michael Robotham, Tara Moss and many others.

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