ONLINE WORKSHOP: Diversity and Inclusivity in Fiction: How to Research and Write an Inclusive Book

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A portrait of Pooja Mittal Biswas
12 June 2021 - 10:00 to 4:00 PM
Pooja Mittal Biswas
Representation and diversity are two aspects of Creative Writing that are gaining increasing relevance in today’s society. This course aims to help writers reflect on and dismantle their own privileges, and to teach them how to research and write diverse and inclusive characters and stories. The course also aims to build the confidence of those writers who themselves are from diverse backgrounds and who wish to translate their experiences from personal histories into public stories.

This session will take place online, via Writers Victoria’s online platform.

You will learn:

  • How to identify and assess your own privileges and how they inform your writing.

  • How to dismantle those privileges through active research and interaction.

  • How to avoid cultural appropriation while writing culturally diverse stories and characters.

  • How to write diverse voices without claiming their narratives as your own, or imposing your own narratives on top of theirs.

  • How to avoid the exoticisation, objectification or commodification of characters, cultures and communities.

  • How to research and integrate community histories—such as the history of the LGBTQIA+ community, or of immigrant communities—into your writing so that what you write is truly inclusive, authentic and respectful.

  • How to develop creative writing tools that meld inclusivity and diversity with literary techniques such as characterisation, setting, plot and pacing.


About Pooja Mittal Biswas

Pooja Mittal Biswas is the author of five books. She has been reviewed and interviewed in The Age and The Australian, and has been anthologised in both The Best Australian Poems and The Best Australian Poetry. Pooja has been widely published in literary journals such as Meanjin, TEXT, Hecate and Jacket. She is currently pursuing a PhD in English from the University of Sydney, where she is also a Sessional Academic teaching Creative Writing.


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