Writing and Intersectionality

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A portrait of Rafeif Ismail

Rafeif Ismail
08 September 2018 - 10:00 to 1:00 PM
Rafeif Ismail
What is intersectionality? What does it mean to be an 'ally' as a writer? How can writers create more inclusive stories and literary opportunities?

A knowledge of intersectionality can help you write in a more inclusive way, and can help you create more inclusive literary spaces, where voices of colour are often absent. It is imperative to create more opportunities for writers of colour to showcase their work.

This workshop will teach techniques to make literary spaces accessible for people of marginalised backgrounds as well as how to respectfully write People of Colour [POC] with Rafeif Ismail, the 2017 Deborah Cass Prize winner.

You will learn

  • What 'intersectionality' is
  • why it's important that your writing practices are intersectional
  • ways to include people of marginalised identities in literary spaces, workshops and festivals
  • how to respectfully write characters of colour.

This workshop was previously listed at a different price. The price on this web page is correct.

About Rafeif Ismail

Rafeif Ismail, a third culture youth of the Sudanese diaspora, is an emerging writer who aims to explore the themes of home, belonging and Australian identity in the 21st century. Her current project aims to recreate the folktales of her childhood in English. She is committed to writing diverse characters and stories.

Contact program@writersvictoria.org.au to enquire about financial bursaries if you would like to attend this workshop and are experiencing financial hardship.

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