Structural Editing for Writers

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A portrait of Laurel Cohn

Laurel Cohn
25 November 2018 - 10:00 to 4:00 PM
Laurel Cohn
Most writers know their manuscript will require a structural edit, but have little understanding of what this entails. This workshop explains structural editing, what role it plays in manuscript development, how to go about it and how to survive it.

Laurel will offer strategies and tools to guide writers through the process and explore the challenges that underlie critical engagement with your work. Suitable for writers of fiction and narrative non-fiction who have a completed manuscript draft.

You will learn

  • To understand what structural editing entails, who does it and when,
  • about specific tools and strategies for writers to undertake in a structural edit of your work
  • how to assess the health of the ‘vital organs’ of your manuscript
  • scene/chapter outlines and other mapping techniques
  • an appreciation of the emotional ups and downs of manuscript development.

About Laurel Cohn

Laurel Cohn is a book editor passionate about communication and the power of stories in our lives. As a developmental editor she has been helping writers since the 1980s prepare their work for publication. She also works with publishers, businesses and community organisations, and is a popular workshop presenter. Laurel has a PhD in literary and cultural studies and publishes in the academic world.


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