Reality and Fantasy in Fiction

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A portrait of Leanne Hall

Leanne Hall
15 September 2018 - 10:00 to 4:00 PM
Leanne Hall
Early, Emerging
Explore ways to create realistic and compelling stories that are imbued with magic, fantasy, surrealism and the supernatural.

How do writers balance realistic and fantastical elements in their work, and how can these elements work together to create something greater than the sum of their parts?

You will learn

  • How to balance character, world-building and story in your work,
  • tips for managing research, background materials, world-building inspiration and the structure of your manuscript,
  • about the process of finding your own individual voice and style,
  • the sensitive use of myth, fable, fairytale and folk tale, especially those drawn from cultures other than your own
  • suggested steps to help bring your manuscript up to its best possible standard.

About Leanne Hall

Leanne Hall is the author of two novels for young adults: the Text Prize-winning ‘This Is Shyness’ and its sequel ‘Queen of the Night’. Leanne has had shorter pieces published in ‘Meanjin’, ‘The Age’, ‘Best Australian Stories’ and the anthology ‘Growing Up Asian In Australia’. Her work plays with the borders of reality and fantasy.

Itching to know more before the workshop? Read Leanne's tips for 'Keeping it surreal' in stories and seeing magic in everyday life.

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