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On Writing

Discipline and compression

Cate Kennedy is an accompished author throughout a variety of genres, having just published her most recent work ‘New Australian Love Stories’. Here Cate discusses her knowledge and observations on short story writing and editing with Sharona Lin. You’re a very versatile writer and have written poetry, non-fiction, children’s books and short stories. How do …

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Editors? Who Needs Them?

Are you hoping to find a publisher for your manuscript? Or considering self-publishing? An editor can help you improve your writing and get it ready for submission or publication. A good editor is like a great coach – they will inform, encourage and inspire you to make your writing the best it can be.

Untold stories of pride

Jax-Jacki Brown is a feminist, disability and queer rights activist, as well as a freelance writer, spoken-word performer and workshop presenter. In the lead-up to hosting the Writeability Salon at the Emerging Writers Festival, she gave Sharona Lin an insight into writing, disability and ‘Untold Stories of Pride’. You’re a feminist, disability and queer rights …

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Ask an ALAA Agent: Tips and Tricks for Marketing and Promoting Your Digital Debut

‘Social media does not constitute a marketing plan.’ – Judith Curr, President and Publisher of the Atria Publishing Group. Many Australian publishers now have a direct-to-digital imprint, whether for genre fiction, such as the romance imprints: Escape (Harlequin), Destiny (Penguin Random House), or HarperImpulse (HarperCollins). Other companies such as Momentum (Pan Macmillan) and Xoum publish …

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Golden Rules for Writing Groups

Some geniuses write alone. Without a single word of encouragement or criticism, these annoyingly self-motivated authors emerge with a fully formed masterpiece ready for publication. For the rest of us, being part of a community of other writers helps us polish our work and find new publishing opportunities – not to mention helping us maintain …

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