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Voices of Women: Entanglement

Date: Tue March 2 2021 12:00 am to Tue March 2 2021 11:59 pm

What is this world in which we are entangled? How do we connect?


A performance. A short film. A mosaic of monologues and music. A collage of voices of women now. What’s your story? All writers welcome.

ENTANGLEMENT: We invite all unpublished short monologues and narratives (800 words) written in the first person. Winning entries receive $100 and the stories will be presented by professional actors in live and filmed performances. The deadline is 2.3.2021.

Live and filmed readings: We kick off during International Women’s Month (March 2021) in Ryde, go on tour to regional NSW to Studio 138 as part of Dubbo Fringe and then to the South Coast of New South Wales. PLUS this year we are collaborating with New York independent artists to present Entanglement United States, a short film shot on location in New York and in Sydney. We go live amongst the architectural columns of Sydney’s award-winning Marrickville Library. The stories may be selected for publishing on the Voices of Women podcast, or published online with our partners. Do you want take part?

Keep it short: 800 words maximum.

Keep it in the first person: the storyteller can be any character, but it needs to be the voice of a woman. It could be yourself or it could be a character you create. It could be an animal, a tree, a being from another universe. Think about why they are speaking and who they are speaking to. Are they speaking to themselves, directly to the audience, or to another person – who could be in the room or not in the room? The ultimate objective is to help you draw out your authentic self; to support and strengthen your storytelling skills.

All genres are welcome. For example: First Nations stories on country, realism, minimalism, collage, magical, magical realism, poetic narrative, adventure, diary, letter, identity story, historical reflection, futuristic, stories about the natural universe. Just keep it short!

You don’t have to include the word ‘entanglement’ in the story or make it the title of your story. It is an abstract provocation for creating your narrative.

What are we looking for? We are looking for stories that an actor can bring to life – stories that are moving, immediate, funny, powerful, brave, dramatic, curious, quirky, beautiful, uplifting, devastating.

Here are some ideas and themes you could consider around ‘entanglement’. Have a look at the film we made in 2020 CLEARWAY (Corona) for inspiration.

What is this world in which we are entangled? How, where or when do we connect?

  • Change growth
  • My place in the natural universe
  • Struggle and freedom
  • Cultural difference
  • qTogether and apart

We are committed to breaking down barriers and presenting new diverse stories and tales from all women of all writing abilities, in particular we welcome First Nations stories, stories from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, from women living with disability and from LGBTQI+ communities.

We want to make sure everyone is included. If the entry fee is a barrier to you taking part, please get in touch with Lliane Clarke, monologue@optusnet.com.au and we will arrange support for you.

Story development workshops are available. If you or your group would like support in writing your stories, please contact us.

Closing date is 11.59pm EST, 2 March 2021. Late entries will not be accepted.
We look forward to reading your story!


For more information and submissions, visit the Voices of Women website.

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