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Underground Zine Submissions

Date: Sat January 16 2021 12:00 am to Sat January 16 2021 11:59 pm

Underground Writers’ ‘Underground Zine’ Submissions Open

Next Issue: Historical Fiction

Submissions open January 2nd 2021 – January 16th 2021
For release February 2021

Historical fiction is classified as a genre of writing which portrays a specific time period or historical event. Although this genre requires being set in the past, what constitutes as the past is not clearly defined. Some consider historical fiction to be set at least 50 years from the date of writing (so 1970); however, we are not going to be too strict on the time period. As long as your work is set before 2000, it fulfils the requirements. Your writing could be set thousands of years ago or it could be set only twenty years ago in the “oh-so fashionable” baggy jeans and tie dye shirts era. What makes historical fiction captivating is not the absence of modern inventions but rather how our feelings and emotions are felt and expressed by people separated from us by time. In addition, the fashion, etiquette, and social conditions are different to ours and interesting to explore. Start researching and jotting down notes. Who knows? Your research could inspire several new pieces of writing.   

Historical fiction can portray real-life characters, such as the Kelly Gang in Peter Carey’s True History of the Kelly Gang, or fictional characters, such as Tilly Dunnage in Rosalie Ham’s The Dressmaker (and oh my goodness! The sequel, The Dressmaker’s Secret, was just released! Another book for my TBR list). Your writing can closely follow a prolific person such as Ned Kelly in Carey’s book or follow a fictional character like Tilly Dunnage in Ham’s novel. Your writing could even briefly include a historical figure who is not a central character. The possibilities are boundless!

Instead of focusing on a particular character, your work could concentrate on an event. Over the years, historical dramas taking creative liberty with world events have been best sellers or box office hits, for example, TitanicChernobyl, or Fruitvale Station. While these events were extensively covered by the media, you could write about a more obscure event.

In order to recognise the person(s), event(s), or object(s) you will write about, include a small paragraph with relevant background information at the end of your creative piece. Links to articles and webpages can be included. This paragraph is asked so any curious reader can follow the trail of evidence to see what is true, what is fiction, and what is unsure. This paragraph should be no longer than 200 words and does not contribute to the overall wordcount of the fictional piece.

Examples of Australian historical fiction include The Sisters’ Song by Louise Allan, The Sinkings by Amanda Curtin, The Good People by Hannah Kent, A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald by Natasha Lester, and The Coves by David Whish-Wilson.

Upcoming themes:

Fan Fiction – more details coming soon.
Submissions open February 27th 2021- 14th March 2021
For May release

Graphic Narratives – more details coming soon
Submissions open 29th May 2021 – 13th June 2021
For August release

Revenge – more details coming soon
Submissions open 28th August 2021 – 12th September 2021
For November release



For more information, visit Underground Writers at http://underground-writers.org/upcoming-issues/ 

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