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The Human Writers Submissions

Date: Mon November 1 2021 12:00 am to Fri December 31 2021 11:59 pm

The Human Writers, a collection of writing by older adults across Australia, is a project years in the making. It’s an online magazine about the human condition, human connection and the creative process. It was founded on the principle that everyone has a story to tell, and provides a forum in which to tell it. Designed for older adults 60+ to showcase their thoughts, ideas and musings, The Human Writers celebrates the fact that writing can enrich the mind and nurture the spirit regardless of background, life circumstances or age. It is specifically designed for non-“writers” so it is a safe space for people to express, reflect, review, engage and tap into their experience regardless of formal training.

The Human Writers seeks previously unpublished contributions from older adults 60+ all across Australia. Your work does not have to be perfect. It can be a few words, one line, a poem, a story, or a memory. Just write.


Please send all submissions to: editor@thehumanwriters.com

Your writing must be original, 1000 words or under, and not published elsewhere.

Please include your first name, age, and where in Australia you are writing from. And include a picture if you’d like — of yourself, or of something that represents your piece. (Totally optional!) Please make sure you have permission to use any photo you submit; it cannot be a copyrighted image.

Pieces will not be edited for length, content, grammar, spelling, punctuation, or anything else, unless specifically requested. So please, when you submit, make sure everything is as you intended it to be. Submissions can also be written on paper, which will be scanned, or submitted as voice recordings, which will be transcribed.


For more information, visit https://thehumanwriters.com/

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