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Rhiza Edge Short Story Competition

Date: Sat July 31 2021 12:00 am to Sat July 31 2021 11:59 pm

We are delighted to announce that, after the success of our short story competitions in 2020, we are opening another theme for 2021!

What do you have to do?

Write a creative and exciting story that engages with our themes. Word count to be between 2000 and 5000 words.

These stories are to be fictional and appropriate for teens through to adults to read (12+ stories). This means limited swearing, stories that will be able to sell to schools. Please age and voice your characters appropriately.

Submission details for theme one for 2021 are as follows.

DUST MAKERS: Short stories considering our impact

Dust Makers is a collection about our impact on the world around us. With a focus on simple sustainability, care for the environment and for each other, these stories consider the impact we have on the spaces we live in and the legacy we leave for the future. We want it to be about our consideration of what is around us and what we leave for the future. We want the stories to be contemporary, historical or futuristic with consideration of the impact we make on our environment and on one another.

Things to consider:

  • Keep them clean and appropriate.
  • Fantasy, contemporary drama, historical and science-fiction are all acceptable genres. We are not looking for romance.
  • We are looking for teen and adult writers alike and will edit the best concepts to improve stories.
  • We are looking for a holistic collection so stories that fit the theme the most and then gel with the rest of collection will be the most likely chosen.
  • Stories must suit all students in high school, which means age 12, and up,
  • Stories can be designed to provoke thought around the Australian curriculum.

To be edited by Penny Jaye and RA Stephens

Competition prize:

Up to 17 stories will be shortlisted and included in the book, Dust Makers. Winning entrants will receive 3 complimentary copies of the book at publication and a manuscript appraisal for up to 100 page of a manuscript aimed at children to teens from the Rhiza Edge team valued at $200.

Competition entry fee: Click here to order.

School or Uni Students/Pensioners: $10 Use code 10DISC to get the discounted price.

School Entry Price: $44 (inc GST) for as many students as desired. Schools, please email us for information so you don’t pay $10 per entry. Schools will be provided with different instructions if sending a collection. You can also download our competition Info Pack, which includes information about the competition, a poster and student handouts.

Adult Writers: $14.30 (inc GST) per story

Email your entry with your name, phone, email address, postal address, school (if student) and title of story in the body of the email. Stories are copyright to you. Selected stories will receive an agreement for use of their work in the collection.

Please send your entries with all details to website@wombatrhiza.com.au

DUST MAKERS is open until 31st of July 2021.

Need inspiration?

Our two competitions in 2020 have led to 27 authors being included in two different collections forthcoming for 2021. Crossed Spaces is released in March 2021 if you would like to see what stories we loved!

Crossed Spaces

The Opposite of Disappearing

Terms and Conditions

All short stories will be reviewed confidentially.

Short stories that are selected will undergo an extensive publishing/editing process to be prepared for the book

All selected short stories are requested as exclusive for two years in the collection, but non-exclusive after that for the duration the book is in publication.

The judges’s (publishing team at Rhiza Edge) decisions will be final and no negotiations will be entered into. Feedback cannot be given on stories not selected.

Any Australian author published or unpublished can enter. Authors previously published with Wombat Books/Rhiza Edge are also eligible.

The story collection is chosen not only based on the best stories or best ideas, but the way the collection will end up working as a whole.

A story may be re-entered into a future competition with no further entry fee if it fits the new theme.

All personal details are protected and unselected stories will be deleted after selection is finalised.


You can find a full version of our Terms and Conditions here


For more information, visit https://wombatrhiza.com.au/rhiza-edge-short-story-competition/

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