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Pocketry Almanack: Issue Three Submissions

Date: Mon August 30 2021 12:00 am to Mon August 30 2021 11:59 pm

Submissions for Issue Three of the Pocketry Almanack open on 15th July 2021 and close on 30th August 2021.

Please e-mail your submission to hello at indrani perera dot com.


Who do you publish?

I publish aspiring and emerging poets who:

1. have not already been published in a literary journal.

2. preference is given to poets whose poems have been rejected multiple times by literary journals. If this is you, attach some of your rejection letters to your submission email.

I also publish original artwork from emerging artists.


What do you publish?

I publish original poetry and artwork.


Selection Process

Up to two poems may be commissioned at the editor’s discretion. The remaining poems will be selected from the open call. Artwork may be selected at the editor’s discretion or from the open call.


Where will my work appear?

Your poem or artwork will appear in an issue of the Pocketry Almanack, a pocket-sized print journal and in the Pocketry Podcast.


Does my work need to be unpublished?

I will not publish work that has been previously published in a literary journal (print or digital), anthology or other print publication (eg newspaper, collection of poetry).

If you have published your poetry or artwork on your website or social media, I will consider it for publication. I will also consider work that has been previously performed at open mics, festivals etc.

In your submission, please mention where the poem has been previously published/performed.

If you have previously performed the poem and it has been recorded, please include the link to the video in your bio so readers can see you perform it. Also remember to mention where it has been previously performed.

The major criteria is it needs to be short and written by you (see below for specific submission guidelines).

If your poem is published in the Pocketry Almanack and then accepted elsewhere, please cite the Almanack as the original publishing location.

You will retain the copyright to your work.



For more information, including submission guidelines, visit the Pocketry website at: https://www.pocketry.com.au/submissions.html

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