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Mona Magazine: Callout for Submissions

Date: Mon November 1 2021 12:00 am to Mon January 31 2022 11:59 pm

About Mona Magazine

Mona is a new community-focused women’s magazine for women who live in regional, rural and remote communities in Australia, and is completely authored and produced by these women. We believe there is more to talk than the Australian media represents. We are not driven by profit, we are driven by women and our stories, and therefore, we don’t accept advertising. We want to meet you, listen to you and help you share your stories with the world.


Mona Magazine Issue Two Submission Guidelines

We publish writing by female identifying authors from rural and regional Australian settings. Contributors can live in these settings now, or can have lived in these settings for a substantial portion of their lives if they now live in a metropolitan centre.

We pay $50 per piece published.

Submissions are accepted via our website: https://www.monamagazine.com/submissions or via email: monawomensmagazine@gmail.com


Fiction, Poetry and Experimental Forms

The word count for our fiction pieces published in Mona Magazine is 1000-1500 words. Poetry can be a single poem of between 15-40 lines, or it can be comprised of a collection of two or more poems (related or unrelated) that equate to that number of lines. For visual art or photographic submissions, we require at least one substantial piece (at least a single A4 page) per paid submission. For guidelines relating to the word count of experimental pieces, we accept a double A4 page spread.

Fictional and poetic pieces that have been successful in the past focus on the personal, the local and the political. They deal with the feminine, the feminist and all different shades of what it means to be living rurally. They have been able to capture emotions skilfully, craft authentic and relatable characters, describe places of importance in vivid detail and represent significant events in moving and metaphoric ways. If you are considering submitting poetry, we prefer the rhythm, varied rhyming structures and flow of free verse, unless you are an experienced poet with a background using standardised rhyming structures.

We also request that fiction authors and poets submit a bio and a picture to be published in our contributors section.

We do not publish pieces that have been published elsewhere, unless prior agreement has been made with the Mona Team.



The word count for our non-fiction pieces published in Mona Magazine is 800 -1500 words.

We accept pieces ranging from memoir and personal essay, to opinion, interviews and long-form journalism on anything that may be of interest to rural Australian women and their lives.

Non fiction pieces that have been successful in the past used their authentic and unapologetic personal experience as a springboard into looking at an issue from a broader, bigger picture perspective. They are well researched and provide interesting, factual information to contextualise their experience.

They are not afraid to get political, and make their thoughts clear on issues that continue to affect their lives and the lives of other women and communities in Australia. They are generous with their knowledge and insight into what they have learned from their experiences and they are not afraid to admit when they have got it wrong.

We also request that writers who submit pieces that claim to contain factual information, ensure that they have taken adequate care to present current, accurate information that can be verified. Editors may ask to see a bibliography.


For more information, visit the Mona Magazine website: https://www.monamagazine.com/

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