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Heroines Anthology – Volume 6: Call For Submissions

Submissions are open for the 6th Heroines Anthology and the 2025 Heroines Women’s writing prize. Volume 6 is a special witchcraft-themed edition. We are accepting poems and short fiction from women across the globe.

The theme for this edition is witchcraft: from the history of witches and witch trials, to medicine women, mystics and herbalists, spells and enchantments, shapeshifters and familiars, covens, hags, crones and sabbats. They welcome writing on witchcraft as the old religion, remembered or imagined, and the depiction of witches in fairytale, folklore, literature and film (both good and bad) across cultures.

Submissions close June 2025. 

For more information, visit the The Neoperennial Press website here.

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