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Friday, December 31, 2021 - 00:00

Exisle Publishing is an established non-fiction publishing house with 25 years of industry experience. We publish simultaneously in North America, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. So we can keep track of your submission and keep you up to date on the latest news, please use this form to tell us about your story, and submit your information to proceed to our submissions page. All manuscripts received are carefully considered by our editorial team.



Exisle Publishing’s CEO and Publisher Gareth St John Thomas got his start in the industry at the age of 11, stacking warehouse shelves for his father’s Devon based publishing house, David & Charles. After spending time as a sales rep traveling to the far flung corners of the United Kingdom, Gareth was soon running the company side by side with his father, David. Thirty years ago David & Charles was sold, and Gareth moved from England to New Zealand. In 1991, he started Exisle Publishing. The goal wasn’t to build a huge business. Instead, Gareth wanted to shine a light on local characters, artists and writers, and bring books into the world which would never otherwise have existed.

But the market had other ideas. Exisle books started to get noticed. Local stores couldn’t keep them in stock. And submissions poured in from experts, leaders and artists from across the country. Soon, Exisle expanded to Australia, where the same thing happened. Next, we started publishing the UK. And then the United States. Today, we have staff across the English speaking world and sell foreign rights to dozens of countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Our secret? We publish books that other big publishers don’t. Even though Exisle now has global reach, we haven’t forgotten our origins as a publisher that is all about giving a voice to those who don’t have it, and serving the communities that corporate publishers tend to ignore. Five years ago, we launched EK Books, a kid’s book imprint with the DNA of a self help publisher. This year, we launched Emotional Inheritance, an imprint and service that helps families hold on to the stories that define them.

Next? Well, that’s up to you. Have a look at our latest releases, and join our community to keep in touch.



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