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Eucalypt Submissions

Date: Thu March 31 2022 12:00 am to Thu March 31 2022 11:59 pm

Eucalypt is the first Australian journal devoted to this ancient Japanese poetry genre. Japanese waka (now called tanka) are five-segmented poems. In English they are usually written in five lines. Often they address profound human emotions, such as love or mourning, but can also be used to record everyday experience. The genre is 1300 years old, but is surprisingly relevant to the way we think and feel today.

Eucalypt is a print magazine which showcases contemporary tanka poetry, written in the English language and publishes only those poems its editors consider of the highest standard. Its objectives are to offer wider publication opportunities to tanka poets and to make more people aware of the delights of reading and writing tanka.

There are two issues per year, in May and in November.

There will be two print issues per year, in May and in November. Submissions close on March 31 and September 30 respectively.

Poets may submit up to six tanka for consideration but no more than two poems by an individual poet will be selected for any single issue.

Poems must be original, unpublished (in print or on the internet), not broadcast and not under consideration elsewhere.
Poems posted on the internet, including social media forums such as blog, twitter, facebook, etc., where there is multiple access, are considered published and are not eligible for Eucalypt.
(The work of small, closed access groups of 3-12 members who workshop in person, or directly by email to each other is not considered previously published.)

Sorry, but we are not currently accepting original translations of pre-published work, or sequences or sets.

Acceptance or non-acceptance of submitted tanka will be advised as soon as possible after the closing dates to those poets who provide an email address or enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope for this advice.

There is no submission fee.



For more informations and submissions, visit the Eucalypt website at: https://www.eucalypt.info/

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