Djed Press Submissions

Friday, December 31, 2021 - 00:00

Djed prioritises submissions from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, on whose land we live and work and whose sovereignty has never been ceded.

Submission guidelines


Send your pitches or submissions to:  

Please note that we’re currently only accepting submissions from Australian and/or Australia-based Bla(c)k and other POC creators.

This is important so we’re putting it first: work may be edited. Please don’t submit to Djed if you’re uncomfortable with being edited.

As a policy we believe in the importance of preserving an author’s voice and vision, but even the best writing needs tweaks here and there at a minimum and a full edit at a maximum. And we do expect best writing – we prefer to work on final, polished pieces, not second drafts. Rest assured! No major edits will be made without running them past the creator first.

We accept previously unpublished:

  • short fiction
  • narrative non-fiction/prose
  • opinion/commentary pieces
  • poetry (written or performed on video)
  • visual art in any style.

No restrictions on subject matter, theme or style; whatever works for you works for us too. The important thing is to get creative! We’re looking for engaging, exciting, thoughtful, fun, beautiful, moving, intersectional, visceral… and a whole lot of adjectives besides.

NOTE: One piece per submission, please. Unless it’s poetry, in which case you can submit up to 3 poems in one submission. If you’ve sent in a submission and we haven’t gotten back to you about it yet, please hold off on sending any new pieces until we’ve replied.

Submissions should include:

  • author name
  • author pseudonym, if you prefer to publish under one
  • title of work
    • If you submit a non-written piece, please submit a transcript or description to go along with it.
  • short author bio that includes author’s connection to colour or culture
  • links to author’s personal blogs/sites if applicable
  • hi-res author photo or image to put in place of photo if not comfortable using one (image permissions must be cleared to use).

Payment structure



<500 words: $50
500-1000 words: $75
>1000-1500 words: $100
>1500-3000 words: $150
If your text exceeds 3000 words, please discuss with a Djed editor before submitting.


For more information, visit the Djed Press website.