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Deadbeat brothers and the trouble they cause

Date: Fri July 26 2019 8:00 pm to Sat July 27 2019 9:59 pm

With: J M Green, Carmel Reilly, Sherryl Clark, Toni Jordan

Proving the adage ‘You can choose your friends, but not your family’, trouble befalls the protagonists in three new crime books. J M Green, Carmel Reilly and Sherryl Clark have created women who have to clean up messes created by their deadbeat brothers. They will confide all to fellow crime writer Toni Jordan: are the brothers innocent victims of circumstance or did conspiracy seal their fate?

Tickets via Eventbrite
$20 general admission
$15 concession
$12 Sisters in Crime and Writers Victoria members
$10 Youth (under 19)

Tickets not sold prior to the event available at the door for $22 / $18 / $15 / $10
Dinner upstairs from 6.30pm (bookings not necessary) Men or ‘brothers-in-law’ welcome

Sun Bookshop Stall – Sisters in Crime members receive a 10% discount

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