Call for Poetry Submissions - Australian Multilingual Writing Project

Friday, August 17, 2018 - 23:59
Nadia Niaz

The Australian Multilingual Writing Project has been set up to showcase and promote the diversity of voices that exist in Australia today. We are seeking, for our first edition, poetry that mixes English and at least one other language. There is no set rule regarding how much linguistic mixing makes a poem ‘multilingual’, nor an upper limit on the number of languages that can be used. The most important thing is that the languages be used with intention and purpose.

Submissions are open to all multilingual people living in Australia regardless of visa status or citizenship. Multilingual Australians living abroad are also welcome to contribute.

We particularly want work from Indigenous writers and writers from marginalised and minoritised communities.

Full submission details, including formatting and font information for non-Roman scripts, see our website: