Bad Apple Press Submissions

Thursday, December 30, 2021 - 00:00

Bad Apple Press is bringing Australian stories and readers together.

A coming together of ideas from two old friends forms the basis for Bad Apple Press. (Yes Sonya and Sam actually met in Year 7 at high school!) Armed with the belief that Australian stories are worth publishing and that you don’t always need the ‘Big Boys’ to get true quality, Bad Apple Press sprung to life in late 2018. Using our combined experience of over 20 years in the publishing and graphics creation industry, we are determined to give readers great stories that entertain, inspire, educate and always surprise. We believe that the creators, the wonderful authors, should benefit as much as possible from their stories and so offer a higher than industry standard royalty system. We believe in Australian publishing, and by offering authors the opportunity to be rewarded financially for their creative work, we hope to promote its longevity, diversity and sustainability.


We have a day put aside each week to receive all submissions and that day is Thursday. So if you have a submission you would like to send us, please send on a Thursday.

We consider non-fiction manuscript proposals on all topics but our special interests are: memoir, family relationships, biographies, humour, health and fitness, lifestyle and psychology. We are primarily interested in publishing and promoting local authors.

To submit, please send a brief email summarising the book to our editor, Samantha Miles.

This summary should include:

  • a synopsis
  • at least one chapter sample or the full manuscript if it is completed
  • a contents list
  • a few paragraphs on who it is for and how it differs from other books in this area
  •  some background on yourself and your qualifications for writing the book
  • possible markets for your book.

As you can appreciate we do receive a number of manuscript submissions. If your proposal is of interest to us we will contact you. Please do not send follow up emails or phone calls. We would love to offer feedback on all submissions received but as we are a small office we just do not have the time. However, be assured that if we feel your manuscript is one we would like to have on our list we will be in contact!


For more information, visit the Bad Apple Press website.