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Aurealis Submissions

Date: Thu September 30 2021 12:00 am to Thu September 30 2021 11:59 pm

Aurealis is open to submissions as follows:

Australian and New Zealand writers: 1 February – 30 September

Worldwide: 1 July  – 31 July 2021

Subscribers are fast-tracked through the assessment process.


Fiction guidelines

Aurealis is looking for science fiction, fantasy or horror short stories between 2000 and 8000 words. All types of science fiction, fantasy and horror that are of a “speculative” nature will be considered, but we do not want stories that are derivative in nature, particularly those based on TV series. We do not publish horror without a supernatural element.

Although we are an Australian-based publication, we are open to submissions in English from anywhere in the multiverse during specific reading periods.

Stories containing an unacceptable number of spelling mistakes and typos, and those that do not conform to our guidelines in other ways, will be rejected automatically. This may seem harsh, but we are being honest about it. Please take the time to polish your work in every way before you send it to us.

Aurealis pays between A$20 and A$60 per 1000 words, but assume the lower rate for unsolicited submissions.  Payment is made soon after the publication of the issue containing your story. Minimum payment is A$20. You will also receive a free electronic copy of the issue containing your story.

We buy First Electronic Publication Rights and the non-exclusive rights to include the story in a print and digital anthology. All other rights remain with the contributor. The story must not be published elsewhere for a period of twelve months after it appears in electronic form in Aurealis.

 Aurealis does not publish reprints. We don’t publish poetry or novel extracts. We don’t serialise longer works.

Our response time for subscribers is no more than two months and can be up to twice as long for non-subscribers, but we are always aiming for much shorter turnarounds.  If you are a subscriber, please do not query us until two months have passed since your submission.  If you are a non-subscriber, please wait four months.  Where time permits, unsuccessful authors will be emailed a reply in the form of a checklist critique and/or a personal note. We are sorry, but Aurealis is not able to respond to queries about rejected stories.

Fiction submission guidelines

All fiction submissions to Aurealis must be by email. Please e-mail submissions to:submissions@aurealis.com.au

Hard copy submissions will no longer be read or receive a response.

Non-fiction submission guidelines

We are interested in articles between 500 and 2000 words of interest to readers and writers of science fiction, fantasy and horror. These include humorous pieces, serious articles and interviews. We prefer non-fiction where some visuals are included. Non-fiction must be previously unpublished and remain unpublished for 12 months after publication in Aurealis. Our payment is A$20 per 1000 words. Send all non-fiction articles and queries to nonfiction@aurealis.com.au.

Art guidelines

Aurealis is looking for strong, vibrant colour cover art that draws attention to the magazine.

Please forward details of the website where your work can be viewed.

Aurealis buys the rights to use the cover on an issue of the magazine as well as for subsequent promotional purposes including on our website. We acknowledge the artist in the issue in which the work appears.

Internal artwork is commissioned, but we will consider samples of your black and white work.

Artwork and artwork enquiries can be emailed to: editors@aurealis.com.au. We will only respond if we are interested and our response may be considerable time after the query, depending on the backlog of covers on hand.

Our payment is A$75 for cover art, A$25 for black and white story illustrations, and A$10-15 for graphics. Payment is made soon after the publication of the issue with your work.

While the utmost care is taken, Aurealis cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage of any hard copy manuscripts or artwork.

Review book guidelines

Aurealis reviews novels, anthologies, collections and non-fiction of interest to readers of  science fiction, fantasy and horror. Please send queries to reviews@aurealis.com.au. Do not send digital files unless requested to do so. Due to the volume of requests, we only respond if we are interested in seeing the book. A book request from us is no guarantee it will be reviewed.  Please do not send follow-up queries.

If you would like to write reviews for Aurealis, please send an expression of interest to the Reviews Editor at reviews@aurealis.com.au. If there is an opening, the Reviews Editor will get back to you with information about how to apply.



For more information, visit the Aurealis website.

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