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ABC Radio Melbourne’s ‘Homespun’

Date: Sun January 31 2021 12:00 am to Sun January 31 2021 11:59 pm

Everyone has a story to tell and ABC Radio Melbourne wants to hear yours.

ABC Radio Melbourne presents its inaugural storytelling event, Homespun, in March 2021. This event will feature you, our audience, and will debut on radio and streamed online.

We are looking for listeners to share their 5 minute story with us. The only catch is you must feature the line ‘I swear I’m telling you the truth’ somewhere in your tale.

Yes, your story must be your own and must be true and you need to be able to tell it by heart, without a script. If you are selected to appear in Homespun, you will receive assistance from a producer in crafting your story, to get it just right.

You will then appear on stage as part of the ABC Melbourne Homespun gala storytelling event on March 7, hosted by Virginia Trioli and David Astle, and perform alongside some notable Australians who also have stories to tell.

How do I pitch my story to ABC Radio Melbourne?

You can leave us a recording by calling 8646 1049.

What we need: First, tell us your full name, suburb, phone number and email address. We then need you to tell us a condensed version of your true story in two minutes, which also includes how the story ends.  We want you to tell us the actual story, not what it might be about. This story can be funny, sad, moving … there are no limitations, but don’t forget to mention the line “I swear I‘m telling you the truth’!

When will I hear back from ABC Radio Melbourne about my pitch?

We will be listening to every single one of the pitches, but we will only contact you if we want to know more about your story. So, make sure you leave your phone number and email address clearly so we can easily reach you.


Head here (and/or see below) for our storytelling Tips and Tricks Terms and Conditions apply.

If you have any further questions, you can email homespun@your.abc.net.au


Visit ABC Radio Melbourne online for more information.

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