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ONLINE WORKSHOP: The Publishing Landscape: An Overview



Hella Ibrahim




The publishing process is an opaque mystery from the outside, but writers are expected to navigate it with professionalism and ease. This landscape seeks to demystify the industry and provide you with the information to make the right choices for your work and your career. Topics covered include different types of publishers, from large to small, how to get your book in the door, the editing process: how books go from MS to RTP, how books are costed out: or, how your fees and royalties are worked out, and finally distribution channels, marketing and publicity.

A portrait of Hella Ibrahim, a woman with light brown skin and long dark hair. She has brown eyes and is wearing a purple lipstick

A portrait of Hella Ibrahim


This workshop will take place online. Detailed instructions for participation will be provided. 

You will learn:  

  • Different types of publishers, from large to small  
  • How to get your book in the door  
  • The editing process: how books go from MS to RTP  
  • How books are costed out: or, how your fees and royalties are worked out  
  • Distribution channels, marketing and publicity


About Hella Ibrahim

Hella Ibrahim is an editor with a passion for activism through the Arts. She’s been around the Arts and publishing industry for over 10 years, having worked in-house for various traditional publishers as well as online publications. She works in comms for a student advocacy organisation on weekdays, and is the founder and editorial director of Djed Press, an online publication that provides a paid platform for Bla(c)k creatives and other creatives of colour. Hella tweets from @djed_press and @HellaLewya.

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Email: program@writersvictoria.org.au

Registration for this event ended on 19 November 2021 - 4:00
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