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ONLINE WORKSHOP: Using Newsletters to Develop Your Voice and Your Community



McKinley Valentine




Newsletters are no longer just a marketing tool – they’re one of the best available vehicles for your writing. Increasingly, writers and journalists are ditching the gatekeepers and connecting directly with their “1000 True Fans”. Unlike blogs, your newsletter is built around your voice and interests, not around a specific, SEO-friendly topic and clickbait headlines. I’ll show you how to set up a newsletter from scratch and build it into a platform to share your unique take on the world.

A portrait of McKinley Valentine


This session will take place online, via Writers Victoria’s online platform.

You will learn:

  • How to find your newsletter’s voice and tone, and use it to build a community

  • How to establish a writing/publishing schedule that is sustainable for you

  • How to maintain a fresh supply of ideas and content

  • How to choose from the free newsletter software options and set up your template so you’re ready to publish

  • How to use Patreon and other crowdfunding to support your newsletter

You don’t need to bring anything, but it might be useful to start thinking about what sort of things you like to write about and find easy to write about.

  • Fiction?

  • Non-fiction?

  • Personal stories?

  • Humour?

  • Opinion/political?

  • Science? History?

You don’t need to limit yourself, but it’s helpful to have a starting position.

“Working out what kind of writing you want to do is not different from working out what sort of relationship with the world you want to have.” — Sara Ahmed

About McKinley Valentine

McKinley Valentine grew up in a tiny copper-mining town on the edge of the Australian desert, and has established herself as a pioneering voice in what’s been called the “golden age of newsletters”. She is the writer of cult-hit newsletter The Whippet, and produces newsletters for design studio Paper Giant and board game company Jellybean Games. She regularly consults with creators to give strategic guidance on balancing growth while staying true to their voice.


If you’re purchasing a full price workshop at $215, consider a full price one-year membership ($75) plus member-priced workshop ($155) will cost just $230 and give you discounts on all our services plus four free copies of ‘The Victorian Writer’ magazine.

 And if you have a concession card, a one-year membership ($55) plus member-concession workshop ($135) will cost you only $190.

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