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Making use of diaries, journals and personal letters in fiction and non-fiction



June Alexander




The deeply private practice of diary writing has many benefits that transcend the literary world and enrich the public sphere. Diary writing can be a writer’s best friend, with skills honed in the private setting becoming integral in the book creation process – for example, book structure, content and variation in narrative expression. At this workshop you will learn how the diary can be used in ways beyond a private keepsake to create an interesting non-fiction story that supports self-discovery and renewal.

A portrait of June Alexander


You will learn:

  • How the diary can be used in ways beyond a private keepsake to create an interesting non-fiction story that engages the reader, and supports self-discovery and renewal
  • New understandings about the practice of diary writing as an integral part of the book creation process – e.g., in mapping the book structure, content, variation in narrative expression, and selection and placement of diary excerpts
  • In the narrative field, multiple personal diaries have been rarely used to present the main voice of a text. This workshop shows how the personal diary can provide a rich data source for writers.
  • The value of reflection in initiating and applying diary extracts as part of non-fictional narratives or fictional works
  • How to give new life, shape, value and purpose to something old.


About June Alexander

June is a non-fiction storyteller with a passion for the diary. Journaling was a coping and healing tool during her recovery from childhood trauma and illness. Her memoir ‘A Girl Called Tim’ published in 2011 led to eight more titles, focusing on eating disorders. Her diaries, besides a major resource for her memoir, inspired her Ph.D. in Creative Writing. June offers mentoring in life-writing and in using journaling for self-renewal.

Details: https://www.thediaryhealer.com and https://www.lifestoriesmentor.com.au

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Registration for this event ended on 24 September 2019 - 4:00
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