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The House in Memoir



Josiane Behmoiras




From childhood homes to temporary shelters, from chests of drawers to doorknobs, the house may take a significant place alongside plot and character.

A portrait of Josiane Behmoiras

Josiane Behmoiras


French philosopher Gaston Bachelard said that the house is a metaphor for humanness and a space for imagining and ‘reading’ ourselves. In a mix of readings, discussion, writing exercises and feedback, explore how the places we have lived in can be described, interpreted and integrated into a memoir.

You will learn

  • Consider the house as a character in your story
  • Explore the house to trigger memories and emotions
  • Explore the psychology of the house and its impact on your story
  • Examine the subject of intimacy and secrecy in the house as relevant to your memoir
  • Balance reflection & description (‘showing’ and ‘telling’) in your writing

Josiane shared her thoughts with us in a Q&A. You can read it on this website.

About Josiane Behmoiras

Josiane Behmoiras is the author of ‘Dora B: A Memoir of My Mother’ published in Australia and overseas and shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Award. She has been teaching writing for a decade, and earned a creative writing PhD at the University of Melbourne. Josiane has particular interest in personal upheaval narratives, family history, travel writing, personal essays and dystopian fiction.

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