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Eli Glasman




Find out how to plot your novel like a professional. Learn how to structure the plot of not only an overall novel, but individual chapters and scenes as well.

A portrait of Eli Glasman

Eli Glasman


Look at how plot interacts with character and the role of subplots in your story. Bring in a work-in-progress to share and workshop, so you can leave the weekend course with tangible progress on your novel.   

You will learn

  • how to structure individual chapters and scenes
  • how to make sure that the plot stems honestly from the characters, rather than forcing your characters to act unrealistically to forward the story
  • how to work twists into your story without them coming off as contrived, and avoiding cliché in your plot
  • the function and characteristics of a compelling subplot
  • how to ensure that your plot remains believable, no matter what type of novel you are writing

This workshop is Auslan interpreted.

Eli shared his thoughts with us in a Q&A. You can read it on this website.

Please note that this workshop was initially advertised for a different date. The information on this page is correct.

Eli Glasman

Eli Glasman is a Melbourne-based author. His debut novel, 'The Boy’s Own Manual to Being a Proper Jew' (Sleepers Publishing), concerns a homosexual boy in the Melbourne orthodox Jewish community. His short fiction has appeared in 'Voiceworks' and 'Sleepers Almanac' and in 2013 he was placed second in the Josephine Ulrick short story competition.

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Registration for this event ended on 01 December 2017 - 4:00
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