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Winter School: Writing and Advocacy



Arnold Zable




Story has the power to humanise, and to create empathy. A well-crafted story takes the reader into other worlds, whether your own or that of others.

a portrait of Arnold Zable

Arnold Zable


Issues of social justice and advocacy can be expressed in many ways – fiction or non-fiction, short stories or novels, opinion pieces or features. Each genre has its specific demands and conventions. But what unites the work across genres is the craft of story – and the challenge to engage and hold the reader’s attention. The workshop will explore the art of story across genres, and will include discussion, writing exercises, and feedback on your projects.

You will learn

  • about the art and craft of story
  • how to translate issues of social justice into powerful writing.
  • the challenges of writing and advocacy across the genres: both fiction and non-fiction. 
  • explore the art of creative non-fiction and fiction and what they share in common.
  • talks that touch on some of the great works of social advocacy across the genres, which can be employed as models for writing about social injustice.

About Arnold Zable

Arnold Zable is an acclaimed Australian writer, novelist, and human rights advocate. His books include Jewels and Ashes, The Fig Tree, Café Scheherazade, Scraps of Heaven, Sea of Many Returns, Violin Lessons, and The Fighter. He is the author of numerous essays, columns, and stories, dealing with a range of social issues, and co-author of Kan Yama Kan, a play in which asylum seekers tell their stories. He has a doctorate from the School of Creative Arts, Melbourne University, and has been a guest lecturer, and writer in residence, both internationally and throughout Australia.

Winter School

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Registration for this event ended on 18 July 2017 - 8:00
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