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Winter School: How to Write Your Perfect YA Novel



Eli Glasman




Teenage readers are among the most discerning critics. If they’re not enjoying your book they’ll say so.

a portrait of Eli Glasman

Eli Glasman


Cover some of the foundations of writing for young adults, including how to create relatable characters, write realistic dialogue and structure engaging plots that teenagers, and many adults, will enjoy.

You will learn

  • how to understand the teenage voice, and how to use it without getting too ‘angsty’, or projecting an adult voice into your work
  • how to structure a coherent and engaging plot – including a compelling central conflict and subplots for a YA readership
  • how to realistically and effectively develop a teenage character over the course of a novel
  • how to write fluid dialogue that exists to forward the story, define a character, yet also remains authentic. Through practice and reading, we will explore ways of getting dialogue just right
  • to avoid clichés and find the authenticity in a character and a story

About Eli Glasman

Eli Glasman is a Melbourne-based author. His debut novel, ‘The Boy’s Own Manual to Being a Proper Jew’, concerns a homosexual boy in the Melbourne orthodox Jewish community. His short fiction has appeared in ‘Voiceworks’ and ‘Sleepers Almanac’ and in 2013 he was placed second in the Josephine Ulrick Short Story Competition.

Read about Eli's thoughts on contemporary YA literature in this Q&A.

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Registration for this event ended on 11 July 2017 - 8:00
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