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Writers on Wednesdays: The Narratives of Climate Change



Tony Birch




Discover the variety of ways that writers are responding to the challenge of climate change across fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction.

A portrait of Tony Birch

Tony Birch


Discuss the modes of communication for both practitioners and readers, and how to produce outcomes that suit particular audiences.

You will learn

  • how to write and talk about climate change
  • the value of producing a range of strategies to communicate ideas of climate change
  • the range of creative mechanisms utilised globally to communicate ideas of climate change
  • about the vital role played by creative writers within the area
  • an awareness of the knowledge held in particular communities – most importantly, Indigenous communities – in addressing climate change

About Tony Birch

Tony Birch is the author of five books: ‘Shadowboxing’, ‘Father’s Day’, ‘Blood’, ‘The Promise’, and ‘Ghost River’. He is currently the Bruce McGuinness Research Fellow in the Moondani Balluk Academic Centre at Victoria University. His research is concerned with Climate Change and Indigenous knowledge.

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