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Reading and Writing Across Languages



Julien Leyre, Marco Polo Project




Reflect on the ways that diverse cultural and linguistic frameworks inform perception and representation. Using translation as a leading framework, develop an appreciation of language as the fabric of literature and explore linguistic and non-linguistic ways of constructing and interpreting situations.

A portrait of Julien Leyre

Julien Leyre


Presented in partnership with Marco Polo Project and Yarra Libraries for the Chinese Writers Festival. Supported by Creative Victoria and Yarra Libraries.

You will learn

  • to develop greater awareness of language as a writing tool
  • to use linguistic awareness to explore your personal writing voice
  • to better appreciate translation as a craft
  • to develop better capacity to experience empathy with people from diverse backgrounds, and appreciate writing from other traditions
  • to develop an interpretive mindset.

About Julien Leyre

Julien Leyre is a French-Australian writer and educator. After studying Humanities and Classics, he published a novel and short stories in Paris while teaching linguistics and translation at the Sorbonne. In 2011 he founded Marco Polo Project, an organisation exploring new models to build cross-cultural empathy and self-awareness. He is an industry fellow with Monash University Centre for Translation.

Julien will also be running a half-day All-You-Can-Translate Workshop.

Read Julien's Q&A on online writing, and Chinese writers and readership.

Cancellation Policy


Richmond Library
415 Church St
Victoria 3121 Australia


Phone: 03 9094 7840
Email: [email protected]

Registration for this event ended on 26 August 2016 - 1:00
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