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Place and Emotion



Lee Kofman




The places that matter to us reveal our interior worlds as much, or more than, the truth of these places. The details that we notice, and how we articulate our observations, reveal our personalities, desires, fears and moods. In turn, important places in our lives shape our psychological landscapes. In this workshop we’ll learn how to write place not only vividly, but also in ways that will shed light on the emotional interiors and truths of our characters, whether fictional or drawn from life.
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You can find details of how Covid-19 restrictions will affect the workshop here: https://writersvictoria.org.au/about-us/covid-19-information/. You are encouraged to wear a mask in the workshop space. The Wheeler Centre’s policy is that close contacts should not attend the building. If you are a close contact of somebody with Covid-19, or have Covid-19 symptoms yourself, please do not attend; please contact [email protected] to arrange a refund in this situation.

You Will Learn:

  • To understand the role of place in literature and in your work
  • To understand how places can shape our fictional and real characters
  • How to use place to reveal characters’ psychological landscapes
  • How to use place to express characters’ immediate emotional states
  • Strategies how to show emotions vividly via place descriptions

About the Tutor:

Lee Kofman is the author of six books, including Imperfect (2019, Affirm Press), which was shortlisted for Nib Literary Award 2019, and The Dangerous Bride (2014, MUP); editor of Split (Ventura, 2019), which was longlisted for ABIA Awards 2020, and co-editor of Rebellious Daughters (Ventura, 2016). Her short works have been widely published and her blog was a finalist for Best Australian Blogs 2014. Her most recent book is The Writer Laid Bare (Ventura, 2022).

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy


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Registration for this event ended on 02 September 2022 - 4:00
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