Refine Your Memoir

Sat 12 September 2015 - 10:00am to 4:00pm
Sian Prior
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A memoir is so much more than a description of “what happened to me”. It requires a thoughtful excavation of the self and empathy with your imagined readers. Explore how to find the right voice for your memoir; how to separate story from situation; how to create vivid characters from real people; how to ask the right questions; where to find the answers; and how to prepare a persuasive publishing proposal.

You will learn

  • Voice – how to find and refine the right voice for your memoir
  • Situation vs story – how to identify the story you want to tell (the insight, the wisdom, the thing you’ve come to say) within the situation you are describing
  • Characters – how to create vivid characters from real people – including yourself
  • Research – how to decide which questions to ask and where to find the answers
  • Publication – how to write a persuasive publishing proposal for your memoir

About Sian Prior

Sian Prior has been a writer and broadcaster for 25 years. She has written for newspapers, magazines and literary journals and won awards for her short stories. Sian has taught non-fiction at RMIT and for writers centres around Australia. Her book ‘Shy: A memoir’ (Text) was published in 2014.

Q&A with Sian: Map out your ethical comfort zone

Sian is also running a half-day memoir workshop on Memory vs Imagination


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