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Being part of an association

Writers Victoria is a not-for-profit Incorporated Association that operates according to our official Rules.

Among other things, this means that members are able to request access to our Member Register to view one another’s personal details (this includes your name, postal address, type of membership and joining date) – but only in special circumstances.

We are governed by legislation that requires that we maintain a Member Register. However:

  • The Member Register only includes four items of information (your name, your address, type of membership and joining date). This is in line with current state and federal privacy legislation.
  • Only other Writers Victoria members can access this information.
  • They can only access the Member Register for matters regarding the running of the Association (for example, if a member wanted to call a Special General Meeting).
  • And they can only access a print-out of the Member Register in our office. It is completely separate to our website and will never be available online.
  • If members are concerned about other people having access to their name and address, they can request to be removed from the register.

If you are concerned about other members having access to your name and address, log in to the Members’ Only area of our website to update your Member Register preferences.

It is a requirement of the Associations Act that a member let us know why other members having access to your personal details makes you concerned for yourself, your wellbeing or your property, which is why our questions had to be phrased in this way. This could include things like feeling intimidated or bullied, that other people knowing where you live makes you feel unsafe, or having past issues with people using your personal information for inappropriate purposes, etc.

Please note, the Member Register is a completely separate document and will not be affected by what you choose to make available on this website.

Our Rules

All of this information and more is contained in the official Rules of the organisation (updated 2020).

Download: Rules of Writers Victoria

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